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Dr. Makra Zita

Personal data


Surname: Makra

First name: Zita

Date and place of birth: 18th December 1971 Budapest

Family state: married, three children

Home: Szálfa street 67/C. Budapest 1188 Hungary


Phone: (+36)-30-605-3472


Professional Education


2004-2007 PhD scholarship; Szent István University, Postgraduate School of

                  Veterinary Science, Budapest

2005-2007 Equine health veterinarian, Szent István University, Faculty of

       Veterinary Science, Budapest

2003-2005 Equine Specialist of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber training


1990-1995 Doctor of Veterinary Medicinecum laude, University of Veterinary

        Science, Budapest, Doctoral thesis: „Dislocation of the large intestine in

        horses”, consultant: Prof József Tóth, Department and Clinic of Surgery

        and Ophthalmology (1995.)


Professional Experience

2007-2015 Assistant lecturer, Equine Clinic and Department, SZIU Veterinary


2003-2007 Research assistant, Large Animal Clinic, SZIU, Veterinary Faculty

2001-2003 Equine clinician, Large Animal Clinic, Szent István University, Faculty of

       Veterinary Science

1997-2001 Maternity leave

1996          Internship, Department and Clinic of Surgery and Ophthalmology,

        University of Veterinary Science, Budapest


Research Experience

2004-2007 PhD student: „Keratoplasties in horses”, supervisor: Gabor Bodo,

                  absolutorium achieved


Teaching Activities

Theoretical lectures, practical activities and clinical supervision of the 3rd, 4th and 5th year students in the field of large animal surgery, anesthesiology and ophthalmology in English and Hungarian languages, SZIU Veterinary Faculty for 14 years

Theoretical lessons, practical activities and clinical supervision in post-graduate trainings from equine and bovine ophthalmology, anersthesiology and surgery, mentor of candidate vet specialists

Supervisor of thesis (graduating students in Hungary):

- Dominika Szűcs: A magyarországi lovak egészséges kötőhártyáján

előforduló mikroorganizmusok, 2004

- Rachel Read: The Use of Subscleral Cyclosporine Implants in Preventing

Equine Recurrent Uveitis: A literature review, and case study of 10 horses with equine recurrent uveitis, 2010

- Kata Wirth: Lovak húgykövességének diagnosztikája és sebészeti

  gyógykezelésének lehetőségei, 2010

 - Kenneth Landro: Uroperitoneum in foals, 2011

 - Nicole Dittus: Corneal cytology as a valuable diagnostic tool in different

  pathological conditions of the equine cornea, 2014


Professional courses:

2015 Intraocular surgery for advanced surgeons, Acrivet Course-performed by D. Wilkie, Dipl ACVO and I. Allgoewer, Dipl ECVO, Berlin, Germany

2014 Basic Science Course in Veterinary Ophthalmology-ACVO, North Carolina

         State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

2013 Equine Ophthalmology WEVA Course- performed by B. Spiess, Dipl ECVO and

         A. Dwyer, Üllő

2012 ESVO Scientific Meeting, Retinoscopy workshop- performed by M. Davidson,

         Dipl ACVO, Krakow, Poland

2011 Ultrasonographic examination of the equine thorax and abdomen- performed by

         N. Nógrádi Dipl ACVIM, B. Tóth Dipl ACVIM, HAEP Course, Üllő

2009 Equine ophthalmology, AAEP Focus on Ophthalmology Course, Raleigh, North

         Carolina, USA

2009 Equine lameness course –performed by S. Dyson and M. Ross, HAEP Course,


2007 Equine ophthalmology, ECVS Meeting Workshop-performed by B. Gilger, Dipl

        ACVO, Dublin, Ireland 

2007 Anatomy of the equine forelimb – performed by Prof. P. Sótonyi, HAEP Course,


2007 Radiology and management of orthopedic conditions in the horse- performed

         by J. Walmsley, Dipl ECVS, HAEP Course, Üllő 

2006 Basic techniques in equine surgery- performed by J. A. Auer, Dipl ECVS, HAEP

         Course, Üllő 

2005 Basic course of lameness examination- performed by J. Walmsley, Dipl ECVS,

         HAEP Course, Üllő

2005 Equine ophthalmology practical course- performed by A. Komáromy, Dipl

        ACVO, Hochmoor, Germany 

2005 Course on laboratory animal science and experiment planning (C-level 86/609/EEC), Budapest


Experiences abroad:

2010 Equine anesthesiology (2 weeks): University of Bern, Switzerland

2009 Equine anesthesiology (1 week): University of Bern, Switzerland

2008 Equine anesthesiology (1 week): University of Bern, Switzerland

2007 Equine clinical practice (2 weeks): University of Utrecht, Netherlands

2005 Equine clinical practice (1 week): Hochmoor, Germany

2003 Equine clinical practice (2 weeks): University of Hannover, Germany

2003 Equine ophthalmology practice (3 weeks): University of Florida,

Gainesville, USA

1993 Equine clinical practice (5 weeks): Troytown Horse Hospital, Kildare,



Scientific Presentations

Oral presentations

  1. Makra Z., and Biksi I.: Corneal cytology in the horse. In: Proceedings of XXIInd HAEP Congress, Visegrád 2014 
  2. Makra Z., and Veres-Nyéki K.: Ocular pain model and pain scoring in horses. In: Proceedings of 13th WEVA Congress, Budapest 2013
  3. Makra Z.: Horse field anesthesia. In: Proceedings of MÁVSZ VII. International Equine Conference, Margitta, Romania 2012
  4. Makra Z., and Veres-Nyéki K.: Horse field anesthesia. In: Proceedings of 12nd WEVA Congress, Hydarabad, India 2011
  5. Makra Z.: Retrobulbar lymphoma in a horse- case presentation. In: Proceedings of IEOC Meeting, West Palm Beach, Florida 2011
  6. Makra Z.: How to prevent the burn out? In: Proceedings of XVIIIth HAEP Congress, Cegléd 2010
  7. Makra Z.: Ocular prepurchase examination in the horse. In: Proceedings of XVIIth HAEP Congress, Egerszalók 2009
  8. Makra Z.: Ocular maifestation of systemic diseases in the horse. Budapest-Wien-Brno ECVIM residents meeting, Üllő 2009
  9. Makra Z.: Our experiences with the implantation of Cyclosporine to treat equine recurrent uveitis. In: Proceedings of XVIth HAEP Congress, Hortobágy 2008

10. Makra Z.: Interesting ocular cases. In: Proceedings of XVth HAEP Congress, Sümeg 2007

11. Makra Z.: Keratoplasty in the horse. In: Proceedings of XIIIrd HAEP Congress, Budapest 2005


Poster presentations

Makra Z.: Treatment options of ulcerative keratitis in the horse. In: Proceedings of HAEP Congress, Budapest, 2003


Attendances at conferences

ECVO Annual Scientific Meeting: Berlin 2011; Barcelona 2013

IEOC Annual Scientific Meeting: Vienna 2010; Stirling 2012

WEVA Intermediate Meeting: Debrecen 2010

ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting: Dublin 2007; Nantes 2009; Helsinki 2010

HAEP Cogress: Budapest, 2003; Budapest, 2005; Üllő, 2006; Sümeg, 2007;

     Hortobágy, 2008; Egerszalók, 2009; Cegléd, 2010; Üllő, 2011;

     Herceghalom, 2012; Visegrád, 2014


Scientific Organizations

2014 - Secretary of HAEP

2013 Main organiser of WEVA 13th Congress, Budapest, Hungary

2010 - IEOC member

2010 Main organiser of WEVA Intermediate Meeting, Debrecen, Hungary

2009-2014 President of HAEP

2005 - Member of the Hungarian Association of Equine Practitioners


Language skills

Hungarian: native

English: fluent, daily use in research and education

German: fluent